Neck & Back


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Neck and Back Strain

A person suffering from neck and back strain is left with a lack of mobility and the ability to function. Neck and back strain can result from a variety of causes that include arduous activity (like repeated lifting of heavy objects), as well as injury, infection, and the gradual breakdown of vertebrae due to aging, among other factors. Symptoms of back pain include a dull or sharp pain felt directly in the back, stiffness of the spine, or an overall ache in the lower or middle back. Symptoms of neck pain include headaches, shoulder pains, or a numb or tingling sensation in the arm. Both conditions may be diagnosed through a physical exam, X-rays or MRI scans. Treatment options range from applying hot or cold packs (as instructed by the doctor), certain types of exercise (including aerobics), wearing a brace or corset, and prescribed medications.


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